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Christmas Campaign. Part 1

This application form is to help us identify which families need our help the most this Christmas time which will undoubtedly be a difficult one for so many this year. We know that you will appreciate that as much as we desperately want to, we can’t help everyone. However, this is the first stage in a 2-stage process which will enable us to make things a little easier for some families in Yorkshire.

As headteachers/OTs you are well placed to identify children and families within your care orbit and if you could complete this form for those you think may need the extra help this year we will move quickly to respond.

Please note, this application is for gifts for the children and not to help with the wider needs of the families. However, if there are wider needs within the family that you think Yorkshire Children’s Charity may be able to help with, please tick the box at the bottom of this application.

Please aim to complete the form on behalf of the families by Friday 21st October.

Application & Nomination Form. Part 1