The Yorkshire Ladies Lunch


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Guest List

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3. Sam Prince, Gluten Intolerant

Event Details

21st June

Friday, 21st June 2024

Allerton Park

Allerton Mauleverer, Knaresborough HG5 8DP


What to wear

Dress code: Shoot Atire


Here are just a few photos from our recent event. You can always find more by following us over on Facebook.


The Yorkshires are the property awards with the biggest heart. So, as well as making Yorkshire better for thousands of children; we have a whole lot of love for the best in the business.

Are you interested in helping make things better?

If you want to make things better, you can. Donations of money is always great; but we also need volunteers to help out; or people willing to donate valuable skills from PPC to plastering.