A Night Under The Stars

Support a Yorkshire Star

Giving every star in Yorkshire their chance to shine.

There are many wonderful stories of children in Yorkshire who, when faced with the difficulties of disability or hardship, have found their chance to shine. Stars like Lucy Beaumont, Tom Zanetti lived through financial hardship when growing up in Yorkshire. Olympic Athletes like Kadeena Cox, faced the challenges of disability. All of them found a way to shine. But we want more than a handful of children to find their chance.

Imagine a Yorkshire where every child gets to sparkle. Together, we can make it happen!

From cosy coats that keep out the rain to magical gifts that open up a world of wonder, your support will show these children the joy and friendship they deserve. Every penny you can spare helps a little star shine bright.

Let's sprinkle Yorkshire with stardust, one amazing childhood at a time!

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We are a small team who achieve big things. But this is only possible thanks to our amazing army of volunteers who are passionate about improving the lives of children and young people in the region.

School Fundraising

Children Helping Children is a great way for schools to introduce the importance of helping others, especially those who are at a disadvantage in life and need extra support and care.

Fundraising Events

Our amazing events deliver on fun as much as they do fundraising. By buying tickets for you, your staff and guests you can help to change young people's lives.

We can only make things better with your help.

What may seem like a small regular donation to you, can make a really big difference to a family in need. You could swap the cost of two coffees a month for warm clothes for a child in need. It's easy ...