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Leeds Galvanising & Powder Coating

We are so grateful to have the backing and support of the team at LGPC - you're making a real difference to the lives of children across Yorkshire!

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Find out about becoming a benefactor of Yorkshire Children's Charity and how your support can make a difference to the lives of children in our region.

Thank you for making Yorkshire Children's Charity a reality

Morley Glass

Thank you to Ian Short for just always believing in us, for your positivity, kindness and generosity and for helping to get YCC off the ground.

Addleshaw Goddard

Thank you to Bruce Lightbody, Carmen Harland and Laura Woffinden for their help and support in registering YCC and turning an idea into a reality

Alpha DMS

Thank you to Rupert Visick for his unwavering support….and for the use of his offices!

Apple HR

Thank you to Kate, Janet and Georgia for guiding us through complex processes with such ease and for being a great sounding board and support


Thank you to Jack Farrer for all his help in pulling together complex HR documents and for navigating us through GDPR with absolutely NO STRESS!...an almost impossible task!


Thank you to Lawrence, Claire, Matt, Angus and Simon for just being the best! You have thrown everything into helping us and our amazing website is down to your genius, creativity, and generosity!

DFW Associates

Thank you to David for your encouragement, belief, and guidance. Without your support we wouldn’t be here.

Elaine Owen

Thank you to Elaine for your loyalty, guidance, willingness to help and friendship. Your passion for helping children is why YCC exists.

Ideas That Work

Thank you to Dally and Suzanne for your patience, creativity, vision and going above and beyond to help us…. most of all though thank you for your friendship.


Thank you to Sharon for your energy, support and believing in us….and for just being a super cool friend of YCC!

Stonebridge Homes

Thank you to Darren for being the ‘spark that lit the fire’, for always believing and making others believe in themselves. Your ‘can do approach’ is why we are here!

Leeds Beckett Enterprise Services

Thank you to Simon Baldwin for just being the best sounding board! You bring calm, compassion and kindness to all you do and your willingness to help is always appreciated.

Not Just Numbers

Thank you to Debbie, Vicky, Laura and Julie for making everything SO easy! Your support and guidance have been invaluable…. but most of all thank you for your patience and believing in us.

Nicola & Jeremy Griffin

Thank you to Nicola and Jeremy for all your help and support in getting YCC up and running and most of all for your loyalty and friendship.

Prohibition PR

Thank you to Vicki for seeing the difference YCC will make to the lives of children in Yorkshire and for the time and support you have committed to helping us with the launch.

Moda Living

Thank you to Lee Savage for his guidance and support in setting up the charity.

Verat Copywriting

Thank you to Laura for going above and beyond and for helping us to find our voice.