Yorkshire Children's Charity Results

The Impact

We make things better.

Our mission is to make things better for children and young people living at a disadvantage, now and for their future. The impact of our work is happier, healthier, and more independent children and young people, who are empowered to meet their unique potential and have the most fulfilling future possible.

Children Helped


Campaigns Delivered


All Regions in Yorkshire Supported


Applications Funded


Schools Supported


Donations to Beneficiaries

90 %

Million Raised

£ 0

Fundraising Events


Our Programmes

We have various programmes designed to enhance all aspects of children's lives, ranging from large-scale building projects to simple yet special days out. These initiatives aim to create meaningful improvements and memorable experiences for children in our community who most need out help.

Great Yorkshire Build

This wonderful scheme enables us to provide state-of-the-art school facilities, creating vibrant and inspiring environments where teachers feel re-energised and enthusiastic about their work, and children are excited and eager to learn and explore every day.​

Schools Out

Our School's Out events can't completely remove a child's worries, but they do offer much-needed respite and joy for young people and their families, giving them a break and a chance to have fun together.

The School Network

We encourage our volunteers to 'GO MAD' (Go Out And Make A Difference). Through The School Network, we learn where to direct our resources, ensuring they are most needed and can make the biggest impact on children's lives.

Winter Support Campaign

The Winter Support Campaign brings together volunteers, donations, and hard work to ensure that vulnerable children and their siblings receive essential winter items like coats and shoes, as well as gifts to open on Christmas Day. It is a collective effort to spread warmth and joy during the festive season.


Every child needs to be comfortable and supported in their environment in order to reach their own, unique potential. To nurture this, certain specialist equipment is vital.

The Full Report

Are you interested in helping make things better?

If you want to make things better, you can. Donations of money is always great; but we also need volunteers to help out; or people willing to donate valuable skills from PPC to plastering.