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Merry Christmas, from our family to yours

We know things are hard right now, and we are here to help. We want to ensure that children across Yorkshire have a magical Christmas full of moments of joy, with gifts they’ll love. 

Your children have been nominated by their school to receive gifts from this year’s Christmas appeal. Please use the form below to choose the presents they would like. 

We aim to deliver gifts from 4-8 December and we will contact you nearer the time to let you know when your delivery will arrive.

We will do our best to provide the exact items requested but if the items are unavailable or out of stock, we will provide the closest alternative we are able to find. 

How to fill in the form

We need to capture quite a lot of information to make sure we get the right gifts to the right children. Please read the below tips before you start filling in the form, this will make completing the form much easier. 

1. Plan ahead

Before you fill out the form, find the gifts you want. You can choose gifts from Argos or The Entertainer. Take your time. You can click Save & Continue Later on the form if you want to take a break. You will then receive an email containing a link to go back to the form. 

2. Write a list

We need to know the name of the gift, how much it costs and the item number or product code. It’s worth writing these down before you fill out the form. It will stop you having to switch between screens. 

3. Budget

You can choose gifts up to the value of £100 per child under the age of 19. Please make sure the total value of gifts for each individual child does not exceed £100. 

4. Item Numbers

These numbers help us make sure we get exactly the right item. You can normally find the item number (sometimes called product code or product number) on the shop’s website or catalogue. 

5. Argos Item Numbers

On the Argos website you can find the item number at the top of the page next to the product name. 

It looks like this: 799/2108

6. Entertainer Numbers

You can find Entertainer item numbers at the bottom of the website page. They call them Our Product Number. 

They look like this: 564230

Gift List

We have now closed this form.