Help for Schools

There are lot's of ways we can help.

We can help parents, schools and organisations in Yorkshire. Look at the list of support programmes below. You can apply online, right now. We're here to make things better.

The School Network

It is through The School Network that we learn where to direct our resource. Our volunteers will work with you and your school to provide practical, tangible support to benefit those who need our help most.

Schools Out

Schools Out is a series of day trips for disabled children and children (4-11 years) living in deprivation, who attend schools with high pupil premium rates.

The Great Yorkshire Build

Through this scheme, we’re be able to deliver state-of-the-art school facilities, creating environments where staff feel re-energised to teach and children are excited to learn.

Grants for Organisations

Organisations play a significant role in influencing a child’s development, helping to shape values and set expectations, and provide a vital support network for young people and their families. That’s why, at Yorkshire Children’s Charity, we support families across the region, like yours, who need a grant for specialist equipment.

Are you interested in helping make things better?

If you want to make things better, you can. Donations of money is always great; but we also need volunteers to help out; or people willing to donate valuable skills from PPC to plastering.