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Help us give a gift with meaning

Many families in Yorkshire are struggling to afford even the bare essentials, and without your support, thousands of children in our region won’t have presents to open on Christmas day.

Through our Christmas grants, we aim to provide joy to those children in our region who are so used to ‘making do’. For just one day, we want to change the status quo. 

That’s why we do things differently.

We don’t provide an anonymous, pre-wrapped gift straight to children. Instead, we deliver gifts to parents while children are at school, along with wrapping paper, allowing parents to give the presents themselves. 

We want to take the financial pressure away from parents, empowering them to choose thoughtful gifts that will really mean something to their children. So our Christmas gifts don’t come from us – they come from parents and they come from the heart. 

 Why we need your help

  • This year, we have seen a threefold increase in applications for our Christmas grants.
  • What’s more, we have also received over 1,000 requests for basic winter essentials – things like coats, winter shoes, pyjamas and bedding that no child should go without. 

Our winter campaign will supply essentials to 1000 of Yorkshire’s most vulnerable children, but to do that, we need your support. 100% of any donation will go directly to keeping children in your communities warm this winter.