Our Grants programme aligns with our short-term objectives. They’re all about taking the pressure off. We fund various needs, improving the immediate happiness, health, comfort and independence of a child or young person living with a disability, in poverty and/or with ill health.

Whether it’s providing wheelchairs and specialist equipment or the basics like school shoes, winter coats, toys, and bedding (within 24 hours when requested), our grants are there to make things better right here, right now. In the midst of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, energy crisis and post-pandemic world, they are also an absolute lifeline for our families.

Could you benefit from one our our grants?

If you, your family or organisation have special requirements you may be eligible for a grant from Yorkshire Children's Charity. Find our more in the Find Help section of our website.

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Alex - A Helping Hand for Families

Alex is five years old and lives with her Dad and two siblings. Her teacher applied for A Helping Hand for Families grant on behalf of the family because the children were turning up to school hungry, cold and uncomfortable, having walked 2.7 miles to school in clothes and shoes that didn’t fit.

They had recently been forced to move out of the catchment area but because they were still under three miles from school, they could not get a free bus pass. We provided funding for new shoes and clothes to make things a little bit easier for the family.

Our Supporters

Through sponsorship, fundraising, volunteering and donations; our supporters make amazing things happen. We literally couldn't have done this without their help.

Elodie - Weheelchair Grant

Elodie is two years old – she loves being outside and looking at sparkly lights! She lives with the impact of a severe brain injury, including scoliosis. All available NHS wheelchairs were far too large to meet Elodie and Mum Natasha’s needs, weighing 25kg+. Natasha needed something she could lift on her own after the loss of Elodie’s Dad, and a chair she could easily navigate around their home. We funded a Hoggy Wheelchair for Elodie – a much smaller, narrower and more dynamic chair which allows Natasha to turn Elodie easily and monitor her respiratory challenges.

Are you interested in helping make things better?

If you want to make things better, you can. Donations of money is always great; but we also need volunteers to help out; or people willing to donate valuable skills from PPC to plastering.