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Business Awards

The Yorkshires. Business Awards celebrate the best in entrepreneurial excellence. Whether big or small we say thanks to the people that make the world of work a better one.


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Business Leader of the Year

Someone once said it’s lonely at the top; and it’s true that people in leadership roles rarely get a thank you. This is our chance to recognise those excellent leaders.

This award is open to any businesses who have raised the bar regarding sustainability. The judges will be eager to see projects which show an innovative approach to any or all areas of ESG that have impactful actions and results for their stakeholders at every level.

The Yorkshires. Business Awards give us the opportunity to celebrate those businesses that have made significant strides this year.

Running a business is it’s own reward; but not it’s own award! Growing a business from small to mid-market is a challenging task and The Yorkshires celebrates that achievement in style.

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