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The Yorkshires. Commercial Real Estate Awards

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Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Email us to find out more.


Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Email us to find out more.

Award Entries & Shortlists

The Yorkshires Commercial Real Estate Awards celebrates the very best in commercial and office developments. It’s a great event to find inspiring office developments or (if you’re feeling proud) inspire others with your work. On the other hand, you might just be looking forward to dinner, drinks and discussions with your commercial property peers.  Whatever your reasons, we look forward to seeing you there!

The Yorkshires. Commercial Real Estate Awards Entries & Shortlists

Best Office Deal

From new co-working space to re-housing national headquarters; we’re looking for the office deal that everyone else wishes they’d done.

Constructing Excellence

The commercial development market always has inspiring architecture but we’re looking for a truly impressive endeavour that’s undeniably excellent.

The Disrupters

Every now and then there’s a development or project that moves the market for everyone; these are Yorkshires Disrupters. These three winners will really be making waves.

Best Industrial Deal

We might lovingly call them ‘sheds’ but they’re anything but the small shacks at the end of the garden. This award will be going to a true giant of industry.

Yorkshires Rising Star

Hard work and innovation are always inspiring, but even more so when it’s seen in a relative newcomer. Be warned;  competition will be stiff. 

Best Investment Deal

We love seeing a development rising out of the ground but this awards celebrates the investment needed before a single boot can hit the dirt.

Yorkshires Property Personality

We’d like to celebrate everyone, but the Property Personality Award raises a glass to that one person who has had a tremendous influence within the sector.


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